Winterizing Specials

Are You Ready for Winter? We Are !

One of the important tasks is getting your engine and boat ready for our Northern Winters.

An engine is simply a big block of metal – steel, aluminum and iron – that doesn’t like to be left unused. To keep it from turning to a large, and very expensive, chunk of rust, there are some basic tasks you need to do before you shrink wrap the boat to keep it covered for several months. These are projects that even the most unhandy captain can perform or you can bring it to Norm’s Boating Centre and we will do it for you, no problem!

This is what you are going to need to do, to keep your engine trouble free. Get everything together, and you’ll be done in an hour or so. Don’t blame us though if it takes you 20 minutes to find that spark plug wrench!

Engine Winterizing Guide

View our Engine Winterizing Guide
Maintenance Outboard Inboard / Sterndrives
Add gas stabilizer x x
Check plugs, wires, rotor, cap x x
Check belts. Adjust tension   x
Check hoses x x
Clean fuel screens, replace fuel filters x x
Check shift/throttle cables & settings x x
Lube shift/throttle cables and linkages x x
Flush cooling system x x
Drain block, manifold, circulating pump and coolers   x
Fill block, manifold, and circulating pump with antifreeze   x
Check bottom end lube for colour, may need reseal x x
Change gear lube x x
Change oil and oil filter x x
Check gimbal bearings x x
Grease U-joints and gimbals   x
Lube engine coupler splines   x
Check/replace sacrificial anodes if needed x x
Fog engine x x
Check steering and power trim fluids x x
Touch up nicks and scratches x x
Check propellers/hub x x
Check lube splines x x
Replace water pump impeller x x
Spray electrical connections with moisture repellent x x
Spray entire engine with anticorrosion treatment x x
Check fuel line and bulb x  
Remove battery and recharge, if necessary x x

Vessel Maintenance Procedures to use in Winterizing your Boat

It’s getting to be that time of year again, putting your boat away for the winter.

View our Vessel Maintenance Procedures

You are going to be cleaning & waxing the hull, emptying storage compartments and getting rid of those “what’s that smell” area’s in your boat. Nothing like those fish guts you missed the last fishing trip or two!!

Winterizing and Storage Basics:

  • Wash and wax your boat right after you take it from the water. By doing this, it will be much easier to clean up for use next season. A good pressure washing will remove dirt and the dreaded lake scum using our Aurora Algae Strip cleaner!
  • Clean interior carpets and floors. Consider removing cushions, PFDs and other items that could mildew. Make sure interior is nice and dry before storing.
  • Have Norm’s mechanic service and prepare your engine for storage. Ensure your bilge spaces are clean and free of oil. It might be a good idea to leave an oil adsorbent sock in the bilge. Drain, or winterize fresh water lines and fixtures with propylene glycol antifreeze. It is the pink nontoxic antifreeze available at Norm’s Boating Centre.
  • Remove lead-acid storage batteries and store them fully charged in well ventilated, warm location. A heated garage would be a good choice. Batteries should rest on a nonconductive surface that is up off the floor. Scraps of 2″x6″ lumber resting on a couple of concrete blocks will work well for this purpose.
  • Check the hull for stress cracks and gel coat blisters. If your boat needs professional help, do it now. Don’t wait until spring to get it done, that’s the boat doctor’s busiest time!  Norm’s Boating Centre offers special winter rates and free winter storage on all repair jobs over $1,500.00!
  • Consider the use of a “shrink wrap” covering system to keep rain and snow out of the vessel. Ensure there is good ventilation under the covers to reduce corrosion or fungal damage to the boat. At Norm’s Boating Centre, we build an A-frame inside the boat to prevent damage to the windshield, etc., then we shrink wrap the boat and add vents. Shrink wrapping will also help keep out those critters that can cause all kinds of damage to your wiring, leaving behind unwanted deposits.