Fibreglass Services

Ready to float your boat? Let our fibreglass technicians check your hull for leaks or hull fractures.

We offer:

  • transom replacement                                                   
  • replace ribs and stringers
  • new vinyl floors or carpeting
  • Leak repairs
  • Bottom painting/anti-fouling
  • Full body paint
  • Boat wash & wax
  • Boat winterizing
  • All fibreglass repairs including boats, buckets, hot tubs, etc
  • Restain or varnish your interior
  • Snowmachine hood repairs
  • Had a boat accident? We will take care of all your repairs,
  • We  will deal with your  insurance company, price out your repair, you just need to come and pick up your boat when we are all done and looks like a new boat or runs like a new motor!